This Seems To Be Just An Ordinary Roadside Barrier, But How It Works Is Actually BRILLIANT!

We pass by them every day, but how many of you pay attention to a roadside barrier? Not many, I am sure, and why should have you. It is a simple metallic thing placed on highways to prevent vehicles from turning over. It’s suppose to keep us safe during an accident, but in many cases unfortunately can cause serious damage if hit. This is because rails did not really change much since they were invented, and it looks like it’s time for something new.

A company from South Korea came up with this innovative new design for roadside barriers, and it’s just brilliant. They put plastic rollers between the metal columns to reduce the force of impact. This means that much of the force will now be absorbed and the vehicle wont turn over.

This invention could potentially save thousands of lives on our highways. Check out how it works and tell us what you think about it.


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