He Approached To A Homeless Man and Ripped Up His Sign… But Then THIS Happened. Unbelievable!

A homeless man named Alan, who is a disabled veteran, was hanging around on the streets in Las Vegas when some man approached him and gave him the surprise of his life. Homeless man was holding interesting signs and one of them said, “Smile”, but a man who interrupted him made him smile like never before. He had no clue that this guy was a street magician and youtuber Rob Anderson, and he was in shock when Rob ripped up his sign!

Alan’s concern did not last too long, cause Rob’s idea was to do a little trick on him which was actually a cover for something wonderful. It turned out that the ripped sign was not actually destroyed, what more, it was just as good as before, but a little changed. You will have to see it for yourself, and I am sure you are going to share it!


I Already Did
I Already Did

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