Poor Finch Got Its Feet Frozen To A Fence, Then A Rescuer With A Plan Shows Up

These days, much of the country is fighting with temperatures below zero, and getting outside is not easy at all. While people are trying to keep warm in their homes, most of our animal friends are struggling to survive.

A kind man from Idaho is giving his best to help the poor animals get through the winter. He keeps the water tank for his horses heated to prevent it from freezing and many birds are thankful for this too. Unfortunately, a poor finch got its feet wet in the tank and while making its exit became frozen to the fence.

Things could have easily ended very bad for the bird if our rescuer did not come just in time. It was not easy to free the frightened finch, but one clever move saved the day. Check out this amazing act of kindness and don’t forget to share with your friends on Facebook.

I Already Did
I Already Did

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