They Rescue A Whale Stuck In A Net, But You Wont Believe What The Whale Does Next! UNREAL

A team of some wonderful people leaded by James Moskito, a diver and volunteer animal activist, came across a whale off the coast of California that was in serious need of help. Humpback whale was entangled in crab nets near the Farallon Islands, and the situation did not look good at all, but they knew they need to do whatever they can to free the poor animal.

Facing a massive, frightened animal, shark infested water, and freezing temperatures, these, we can definitely call them, heroes worked for 5 hours determined to help. After many cuts, they finally managed to get the whale out of the nets, but than something incredible happened. This large animal swam to the bottom of the sea and then back up towards James. Nobody expected to see something like this and each of these guys will definitely remember this as long as they live.

Watch the video to hear the story about this incredible encounter, and don’t forget to share!

I Already Did
I Already Did

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