They Find This Abandoned Car. When They Peek Inside? I Definitely Didn’t Expect This. Neither Did My Heart.

When the police investigated the property in Cottonwood, AL, in search for illegal drugs and firearms, they discovered the shocking sight. Approximately 60 dogs were found abandoned, and obviously abused. It is presumed that the dogs were bred to fight with hogs. The Humane Society of the United States helped in this rescue, and they believe that the dogs were trained to bite the faces of hogs, as a part of a gambling game.

The dogs were in desperate state, and they needed an immediate medical care. These emaciated dogs were living in a terrible conditions, and it was obvious that they were neglected. Most of the dogs were of the breed Dogo Argentino, two of them were French bull dogs, and one was a German Shepard. I really felt sorry for the poor dogs, I hope that all of them will find a home, and people who will treat them as they deserve.

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I Already Did
I Already Did

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