A Heartwarming Rescue of A Dog Whose Skin Was Covered In Stone Hard Mange!

When animal rescuers in India received an urgent call about a dog who needed their help they did not waste a minute, but a situation they caught in was heartbreaking. They found the poor dog in some kind of a bus, she looked like she had lost all of her hope. Her condition was very bad, suffering from severe mange her skin was stone hard, and she was emaciated. They knew they needed to to do something very quickly or she would definitely die!

By covering her in warm blanket, Animal Aid rescuer managed to get her safely out of the bus and on a way to their facilities where she would get care and medications she needed urgently. This is when her amazing recovery started, and day by day she was feeling much better. Finally, six weeks later, this dog was completely healed and you would never even tell that this is the same pup from the beginning of the video.

I Already Did
I Already Did

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