Reporter Tries to Cover A Story, But What The Horse Does Left Him Howling In Laughter

They say that everyone who spends time around horses, eventually falls in love with them. These animals are very smart and playful creatures and it’s not hard to understand why they make all of us better people. This amazing stallion named Frankie is not an exception. Frankie just met a new friend and it looks like it was love at first sight!

Reporter was trying to cover a story about horses, and he found a perfect place to do it, at least he thought he did. Frankie obviously figured out this guy is talking about him, and decided to take part. Every time the reporter starts his sentence, Frankie bops him with his giant head!

This silly interaction made the man laugh like never before and I have to admit me too. Watch the funny video and share with all your friends animal lovers.

I Already Did
I Already Did

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