This Diver Was Recording An Ocean Floor, but Watch What Happened Next! Incredible!

We all know that oceans and seas are full of amazing animals from which we can learn a lot of things. This video is a perfect example, and it shows an amazing camouflage that humans can just dream about. You will be stunned when you check out the clip, can you find an animal?

Of course, the master of disguise is an octopus. These cephalopods have plenty of predators to be wary of, so in order to hide, they use thousands of color-changing cells near the surface of its skin called chromatophores. This particular one has attached to an algae, and as you can see on the slow motion the octopus has perfectly matched the pattern, color, brightness and texture of the algae. As the camera approached closer and closer, I could never tell that this animal was even there, till it changed it`s camouflage.

This amazing ability of the octopuses is inspiring many scientists to create a fabric that can perform something like this. How amazing would it be, if people could disguise like the octopuses!

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I Already Did
I Already Did

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