What Happens when You Try To Record a Song Onto An Uncooked Tortilla?!

So far, if you wanted to save some music you had to burn it on a CD or DVD, but it seems that there is another approach and you are going to love it, especially if you are hungry. Some guy has came to an idea of burning a song onto an uncooked tortilla, and if you are wondering where does it come from, his inspiration was an older satirical Youtube video showing a tortilla on a record player, playing the Mexican Hat Dance!

Well, this guy has decided to use a laser cutter to record a song which obviously fits pretty good –  Mexican Hat Dance! And if you thought that this will be a total waste of time, you were wrong, cause it actually worked. Of course, to be honest, it is not the ‘high quality’ or anything close to that, but the important thing is that you can easily recognize the song!

Check out the video, and learn why he did not use cooked tortilla instead!


I Already Did
I Already Did

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