Schoolteacher is Driving Along the Road, Then Spots Something Incredibly Rare Trying To Cross

Teacher Siv Poijo was out spending her day in Mala, Sweden, when something truly awe inspiring crossed her way. She was completely stunned and immediately stopped her car to take the photo. What she captured is nothing short than seeing a wonder.

On the side of the road was the pack of reindeer. Poijo noticed one of them was different, it was completely white…A huge Albino Reindeer, something you get to see perhaps only once in your lifetime, if you are lucky. Siv took some amazing photos of this animal which is considered to be sacred by Sami people. Trully stunning!

Albinism is caused due to a genetic mutation and it is incredibly rare in reindeer. The chances of surviving for these animals are very slim. It’s hard to hide from predators when you have such a beautiful bright white fur.

I Already Did
I Already Did

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