This Friendly Porcupine Thinks He is A Puppy, But Wait to See What He Loves Most!

You are about to meet one incredibly cute porcupine who lives at the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center and the interesting thing about him is that he thinks he is a puppy! His name is Stinkers, but his formerly known as Snickers, they changed his name to suit his ‘nature’ better. This quill-covered animal was someone’s pet before and perhaps that can explain his love for playing and getting human attention.

I can not understand why would anyone keep a wild animal as a pet. Not just because it is against the law in most of the countries, but also cause this animal is just not meant to live in a closed space. Stinkers now lives at the Center and what you can see on the video is a part of his play time with a caregiver. It seems that he enjoys the most those awesome belly rubs.

I Already Did
I Already Did

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