Protesters Try to Stop A Marine’s Funeral, But Then This Biker Gang Shows Up….

It was a fallen Marine’s funeral and the radicalized Westboro Baptist Church chose to protest it and make the day even worse for the heartbroken, grieving family. Marine Corporal Richard Bennet passed away in a helicopter crash in Iraq at the age of 25 and he certainly deserved to be respected. Westboro members believe God is punishing America for its acceptance of homosexuality, and they attend the funerals of servicemen and women throughout the country trying to bear attention. They did not expect much opposition when they showed up this time, but they were in for a big surprise…

Bikers from “The Patriot Guard” stepped in to save the day. These guys are all veterans, and they might look like a motorcycle gang, but they are strictly non-violent. What they did is just incredible! Watch the video to see and tell us what you think about it.

I Already Did
I Already Did

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