What Happens When You Pour Water Into An Oil Fire! Check Out The Slow Motion Video!

Many people have experienced the fire in the kitchen, and to put it mildly it can be an unpleasant situation. Many things can go wrong and start chaos, but what usually happens is an oil fire. Well that is where many have done an enormous mistake, and tried to extinguish the flame by pouring water onto it. This is not just wrong, it can be very dangerous.

So, a couple of guys from ‘The Slow Mo Guys’ have decided to demonstrate just how dangerous water poured on an oil fire can be. The video is just incredible, and they even filmed it in slow motion. What happens in this situation is that the water they pour, instantly evaporates and causes an explosion. This guys were well prepared for the reaction, and everything was fine. The best way to put out the oil fire is to soak a towel and put it over the pan.


I Already Did
I Already Did

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