Police Officer Rescues An 8 Year Old Boy From Torture, Then Makes A Decision That Changed His Life Completely

Poteau Police Officer Jody Thompson was off-duty when he overheard a call about a horrific case of child abuse. He thought he could gives some assistance and decided to respond even though he did not need to. Thompson had a prior experience with these sort of cases, but what he saw at the scene left him completely shocked!

Thompson found an 8 year old boy bound by his hands and feet with rope and submerged in a trash can full of cold water! They were obviously not feeding him and was covered in bruises. The look on that child’s face broke his heart and that is when he decided to make a life changing decision.

Instead of placing the child in the ‘care’ of the state, Thompson went one step further. He wanted to protect this boy for life and moved to adopt him.

Two years later, this boy is a straight A student and a pride of the family. Even though they had kids of their own, this hero cop and his wife did not stop there. Months later, they overheard that boy’s biological mom gave birth to a baby girl in jail. The Thompson’s took her in as well.

This story makes you feel warm around your heart, and officer Thompson is a man that our entire country should be proud off.

I Already Did
I Already Did

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