Police Officer Shatters Window on This Car. When I Saw Who Pops Out…My Jaw DROPPED!

These days the summer is reaching it’s top temperatures and everyone of us are trying ways to cool down. While we think how to satisfy our needs, we have to keep in mind that our pets are also feeling the heat and we must not forget about them.

Well, that was not the case here, cause some careless dog owner from Spain left his pet alone in a hot car. The outside temperature was nearly 100ºF and this was really reckless. Luckily a local Policeman was walking down the street and he heard barking coming from the car. The poor animal was clearly in distress and it was a matter of minutes for this dog. Officer knew he had to do something quickly, so he broke the car window to free the pup. He immediately pull him over into the shade and gave him water.

This was clearly some sort of animal abuse and who knows what would have happened if this hero policeman did not interfere. Check out the video and share please!

I Already Did
I Already Did

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