Police Officer Finds A Starving Baby In The Woods. Her Heroic Act Is Now Going Viral

Officer Luisa Fernanda Urrea was recently alerted about the situation in a Colombian forest. When she arrived on the scene, she discovered the unthinkable… Baby abandoned in the forest, clearly left to die! Infant was starving from hunger and she immediately took action. Her amazing act of kindness is now making headlines all around the world.

The baby was found by a woman who was collecting oranges. She heard screams coming from the woods and alerted the police. Luisa was shocked by the unthinkable scene, and since she just became a mother, her maternal instincts took over. Officer Urrea breastfed the newborn, and thanks to her, this baby girl is now alive.

The video is touching hearts of the people everywhere and they are hailing the officer for her heroic efforts. Watch the footage and SHARE cause this incredible act definitely deserves to be recognized.

I Already Did
I Already Did

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