Police Dog Gets Shot In The Head While Chasing a Suspect. 6 Months Later, Miracle Happens

Bruno the K-9 German Shepard was a 6-year veteran of the Anaheim, CA, police force, when he got shot in the line of duty. He was chasing a suspect and was shot in the face and also had a bullet in his lung. Bruno was rushed to the vet but it seemed that he had no chance of survival. Of course, this dramatic moment left his partner devastated.

He thought that he had lost his buddy forever, but after two surgeries Bruno started feeling better. It was a miracle how a bullet barely missed his heart. Six months later, the two heroes have finally got to see each other again. The reunion was incredibly touching and it will definitely going to melt your heart.

Sadly, Bruno wont be able to get back to the squad, but his partner plans to adopt him. Watch the video and share with all your friends animal lovers.

I Already Did
I Already Did

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