He Started Out Playing Alone at The Train Station, But Wait to See When This Other Guy Joined Him! Incredible!

Waiting for a train at the station can really be annoying and it might seem to you like you have been seating there forever, or it can look like this. The idea of placing a piano at a Paris train station in 2013, was really awesome and it offered an opportunity for people to cut their time by playing whatever they want. As for the others, they could enjoy these impromptu “concerts”. Well, most of the performances will hardly even draw your attention, but as you will see these passers by were lucky enough to witness one truly incredible improvisation!

Some guy sat down and started playing, but when a second young man came up and joined in, this turned into an awesome show. I am not sure if they even know each other, but they showed true teamwork. Love to see and hear such an amazing piano skills. Check out the video and tell us what you think.

I Already Did
I Already Did

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