Dad Starts Playing Drums For His Cockatoo, But He Never Expected Such A Response

Getting called a birdbrain might completely lose it’s meaning and can even become a good thing. Some experts claim that cockatoos are in fact pretty smart creatures. Some of them can even figure out how to break through complicated locks to get to a treat. This guy, however, is a truly talented drummer!

A Japanese cockatiel, named Mr. Inko has a thing for percussion. Whenever his Dad starts tapping away at the miniature drum, he immediately joins in. Mr. Inko does not even need a stick, he uses his beak. Who could ever saw this coming?! But wait, that is not all he does…

Mr. Inko is a great dancer too. It only takes a second for this adorable little guy to catch a rhythm. Watching him is an absolute joy and I am sure his owner is so proud to have him.

I Already Did
I Already Did

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