You Might Think You Are Looking At A Pile Of Stones, But Truth Will Leave You Speechless

Our beautiful planet still holds many secrets, and lots of them we are yet to reveal. Nature is full of many incredible, unique, and amazing things. Some of those look unreal and may even confuse you when you see them, but they are real. Just like in this case, you may think this is just a pile of stones, but the truth is far more awesome!

What you are seeing is actually a living being or to be precise living beings. They are known as “Living Stones” or “Flowering Stones” and they are capable of incredible things. These succulent plants called Lithops have evolved to avoid being eaten by grazing animals by blending in with the stones in their natural environment.

You can find Lithops in the vast dry regions of South Africa and they are much like cactuses. They can store water for long periods of time and so survive the immense heat. On the other hand they make a great houseplants. You don’t need to water them so often, they just need a good amount of direct sunlight.


I Already Did
I Already Did

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