This Pepper Grinder Just Seems Ordinary, But With Only One Twist It Can Do ‘Wonders’! Amazing!

The Technology is becoming more and more advanced each day, and it is making our lives much easier on so many aspects. But, sometimes it seems that all those gadgets, tablets, smart phones and TVs have ‘infected’ even those parts of our lives that should remain intact. One of those parts is certainly dinnertime. A nice quiet conversation that should connect family members during mealtime has become so difficult, all because of the distraction of technology.

Well, bearing this in mind a company called ‘Dolmio’ has developed a Pepper Hacker that lets parents turn off Wi-Fi and mobile apps simply by making one little twist. It looks just like a regular Pepper Grinder, and its main function is working perfectly, but it has one more add on that will bring back an old fashioned uninterrupted family time.


I Already Did
I Already Did

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