Pentatonix Get Together For A Performance Of “Dancing On My Own.” Their Chilling Version Is Now Going VIRAL

In almost no time at all, Pentatonix have managed to win our hearts with their angelic voices and wonderful songs. Their concerts are sold wherever they show up, and people all over the world love listening this group. We have heard dozens of their renditions so far and they all count millions of views on YouTube. Now, they are back with another one chilling song, but as a slightly smaller group.

Recently, Avi Kaplan announced his departure from the group, but the others are moving on proudly. They decided to record a song that means so much to all of them. “Dancing On My Own,” which was originally sung by Robyn, is a one of their favorites, and you can really feel it.

Without doubt, this is one of their best renditions and it’s no wonder the video went viral within hours. Check it out and share with someone you love.

I Already Did
I Already Did

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