He Lines Up 3,500 Pennies on A Black Table. The Result Is An Amazing Work Of Craftsmanship That Would Fit Well In Any Home!

They say that behind every great work is a brilliant idea, and this is exactly what we have here. An incredible and unique DIY project which is definitely worth every penny, and when I say penny, I mean around 3,500 pennies! If you have some old and beat up table and you want to give it a fresh new look, than this is the perfect video for you.
In this tutorial you will see how to create a penny table top using a durable product called glaze coat. They used some old dining table with large clawfoot legs and turned it into an awesome piece of furniture. Who could have guessed that you can make something so original for just $35?!

Would you try something like this?

I Already Did
I Already Did

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