These Two Incredibly Cute Penguins Faced With Quite A Dilemma, And You Have To See How They Solved It!

We can all agree that penguins are one of the cutest animals in this world, and this video is the perfect example of that description. These flightless birds which look incredibly adorable while sauntering in their wonderful suits live in the south part of Earth an there are many different species of penguins. Another fact about them is that they just love to get their feathers wet with a quick swim, and about 75% of their loves they spend in water. Well, it seems that we have found a couple of incredibly funny penguins who do not like to get their feet wet, and it was all caught on video!

They stumbled upon some puddle, and faced quite a dilemma of how to cross it. After a little thinking about it, one of them found the least painful way to cross, while the other one did not like that solution. He looked around for a little more, and realized that there is a better method. I will not reveal it of course, you will have to watch it for yourself. I will just tell you that it was hilarious!

I Already Did
I Already Did

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