Peeling Potatoes is going to become a Whole lot Easier!

Peeling potatoes is never an easy job, it is not as hard as annoying, and we all have been there, there is a bucket full of potatoes and time is for peeling. Of course when you think of all the delicious meals you can make using potatoes, sometimes it feels a little easier, but still certainly not your favorite way of amusement.

Watching this video, we think that this guy (CrazyRussianHacker) has come to a genius idea. Not just that this looks a whole lot easier, it looks fun! According to him all you need to do is little bit of thinking and assemble some supplies. All you require is potatoes, a bucket, a hose, and a power drill. Also we would recommend to do this somewhere outside because it could be a messy process.

After about 60 seconds, The Job is done and you are ready, you can start making, for example, potato salad, we love it!

I Already Did
I Already Did

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