I have Never Liked Cats until now. That is Self Restraint at its Finest… and to see it so Clearly in the Cat’s Eyes.

One of the most beautiful parrots that you can get is definitely African Grey. These birds are loving, playful, and extremely intelligent, but on the other hand require constant care and attention. Boredom and inactivity can lead to frustration, and one more thing you should remember is that they do not appreciate intense physical contact. Well, if we are to judge according to this video, than this fact might not be entirely true.

Some guy has quite an unusual pair of pets – a parrot and a cat, and in any other circumstances having these two species in the same room would be impossible, but in this case it seems pretty ordinary. After watching the entire clip, I think I understood this complex relation – this cat has a very high level of understanding for an annoying parrot. But, everything has it`s limits, so watch what happens at the end of the video.


I Already Did
I Already Did

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