Her Parents Were Shocked when this Little Girl started to Call a Duck. His Response is Amazing!

Prepare to meet one incredibly adorable little girl named Kylie. Kylie is only 5 years old, but has been playing the role of mom for quite some time. Her son`s name is Snowflake and he is an actual duck that became inseparable with this sweet girl. No matter how silly it sounds, Kylie believes she is the duck’s mom, and vice versa.

Snowflake followed Kylie everywhere, and the two have become best friends. Her parents noticed this incredible bond and had no other choice but to allow her to keep the duck. She is taking care of him, and she really does a great job. Wait to see this duckling walk around the house in diapers, it will definitely warm your heart.

This is without any doubt more than just a friendship, these two are a real family.

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I Already Did
I Already Did

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