Package Thief Gets A Smelly Surprise After Stealing Explosive Bait Box Full of Dog Poo

When UPS and FedEx packages kept disappearing from porches, it seemed like the situation got out of control. People got enraged by the blatant activities of the mysterious thief, and one of them was Tom Mabe. This famous internet prankster got sick of having his packages stolen, so he set up a smelly surprise for the thief.

In front of his house he left a bait box full of dog poop set up to explode in thief`s face. He had his hidden cameras rolling and just waited for the suspect to show up, and he did.

Dude took the bait, and 40 seconds later…BOOM! Tom and his neighbors got the sweet revenge and the culprit will certainly think twice before making a mistake like this.

I Already Did
I Already Did

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