Couple Adopts A 3 Year Old Orphan. 16 Years Later, She Leaves Judges In Tears With Chilling Performance

Shanaya had a rough start in life, but now she is one step closer to fulfilling her dreams. This 19-year-old X Factor contestant performed an absolutely perfect rendition of “Say Something,” and completely stole the judges` hearts. By the time she finished her song, the audition room was so silent that you could hear a pin drop…

When they adopted her, Shanaya` new parents were determined to make her feel happy. They gave her love and supported her in every way possible.

16 years later, she stands in front of the judges and performs perfectly. It sounded like the song was made for her despite the big names attached to this hit. Some of the judges were brought to tears while others had only beautiful words to say to her. Simon`s face during the audition say it all,

Watch the emotional video and prepare to be amazed!

I Already Did
I Already Did

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