It Seems Ordinary, But This New Invention Will Change Your Life Completely! WOW!

Laundry is definitely one of those jobs that no one likes doing, but unfortunately everyone has to do it. The best thing ever would be if we could just grab all that clothes and throw it into a washing machine. But, sadly that would not be good for our clothes, so we have to carefully read the labels, and of course one of the worst is definitely “hand wash only” label. I have always wondered why still there is no machine invented for this task? Well, I guess that my prays have been heard cause a company called ‘YiREGO’ has found a whole new way to wash your personal delicates!

YiREGO’s foot-powered washer and spin-dryer solves the hand wash-only complication of delicate garments and on the other hand saves your time, energy, and money. This new invention called ‘Drumi’ is very easy to use, and all you need to do is just press the pedal! This is definitely something I would love to have in my home!


I Already Did
I Already Did

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