Orangutan Walks Over To A Pregnant Woman. What Happens Next Will Melt Your Heart…

Some future Mom and Dad were visiting a local zoo recently and they stopped by a particularly large orangutan. A woman who has been pregnant for 37 weeks, got closer to the glass while her partner stood nearby with a camera in his hands. They probably never even dreamed they were about to have one of the most incredible experiences.

The huge animal was fascinated with this woman. He softly caressed her belly over the glass, just like he knows there is a tiny life growing inside her. At one moment orangutan even kissed a pregnant woman’s belly. It was an amazing thing to see! Her partner tried also pressing his stomach to the glass, but all he got was a ‘dirty look’.

Such an emotional animal which by they way works at the zoo as an ambassador. He helps spread awareness to people who visit him to let them know how important his species is.

I Already Did
I Already Did

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