Did You Know You Can Open A Lock Using Only A Simple Zip Tie? This is Unbelievable!

Everyone of us has some valuables which we want to keep safe, and that usually means going out to the store and buying the most expensive brand name lock. This stuff should remain our belongings safe from the robbers for example, but how secure are these exactly? Well, as it appears from this video, you should not rely on these locks at all, cause they can be opened by almost anyone and using anything you can find around you.

A guy you are about to meet on this video tried to do something that should not be possible – he tried to open a lock using only a zip tie! If I have heard something like this before, I would have laughed so hard, but now, it does not seem funny at all. He picked this lock casually in simply no time at all, so you better go back to the store and try to find something better!


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