This Guy Matched with A Girl He Met Online, But Than Things Went So Terribly Wrong That He Literally Wet His Pants!

Not so long ago online dating was considered for creepy and desperate people, but now more and more men and women are using apps like Tinder to find a date. Tinder is a very popular app that will help you meet strangers that are located in your area, but as you will see on the video this way of finding a date can lead to terrible things. Guy you are about to meet has agreed to match with a girl who invited him over, at midnight, and he definitely did not expect something like this!

Very soon he realized that he met up with some crazy girl, and things went even worse. It was so scary that at one point, this guy actually pissed his pants! Lucky for him, this was just a well organized prank by his friend who wanted to teach him a lesson. I am sure he will remember this embarrassing situation the next time he tries dating online!

Check out the video, and tell us what you think!

I Already Did
I Already Did

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