One of The Coolest Pieces of Furniture I’ve Ever Seen

This guy has created one of the coolest pieces of furniture ever.

Excellent. Something new in the history of furniture, smart design, simple, functional.

Multipurpose furniture is the absolute best. There just never seems to be enough space these days. With the influx of closet-sized apartments on the coasts, and the tiny homes movement on the rise, it seems that everyone is looking for multifunctional furniture for smaller spaces.

Duffy London, a product design company based in London’s East End, creates flexible, eco-conscious furniture that transforms from one useful item into another! Founded by Christopher Duffy, Duffy London performs its “furniture-making wizardry” in a surprisingly spacious studio.

As the old saying goes, “big things can come in small packages”. This bendable, foldable table does just that!

I Already Did
I Already Did

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