This Amazing One-Man Electric Helicopter Will Change The Way We Travel Around Cities Forever!

Every man or woman who lives in big cities like New York for example knows how tough can be to reach any destination during rush hour. Well, watching this video, it seems like that image could become just a part of history. This amazing new invention could easily be a sustainable solution for the problem of traveling around the crowded cities.

It is called Hirobo BIT, and it is a single person electric helicopter which looks like something from the future, or at least from some sci-fi movie. This $240,000 machine can easily land in front of  your house or into the parking spot. Flying around with this helicopter does not seem to be very difficult, on first sight. You use a joystick for in-flight navigation, and it should be for sale as early as next year.

Now tell me, who would not want one of these?

I Already Did
I Already Did

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