What Happens when An Older Dog Decides to Play a Trick on A Puppy! I Can’t Stop Laughing!

Can a younger dog learn from an older one? There are different opinions about that, but some people who have brought a new dog into a household ‘pack’ of 2 or more dogs say that the new member does learn from the others number of things that the older ones already know. I agree with that, but what about when an older dog brother actually play a trick on a puppy? This clip has the answer to that question, and it could not be more funnier!

When the chase between an older boxer and a younger puppy around the circular snow path started, a puppy definitely did not expect something like this. The big brother knows some tricks, and he decided to get one up on this youngster. After one turn around the loop, the older dog jumps off the path, and a puppy continues to run. When he realized that something is not right he peeks and tries to see where his play friend is, and than, the surprise! This hilarious video will definitely make you laugh for a while!

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I Already Did
I Already Did

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