He Takes An Old Coin and Turns into a Beautiful Double Sided Ring! Amazing!

If you are like the most people you probably have a large Mason jar at your home full with coins. After some time when it fills up to the top, we cash in for big. But, what if you have some old coins that you just do not know what to do with. In that case, you could use that old quarters and turn them into something incredible, something that will stun everyone who sees it.

This video was uploaded to YouTube by fencekid, and it holds the secret about the awesome trick to make a beautiful double sided ring out of a coin. Turning a coin into a beautiful 3-D coin ring does not have to be so hard. All you need is some tools, and even though the first time you give it at try and make one your ring might not look as beautiful as the one from the clip, do not despair, it will be better next time. The best thing about these coin rings is that the details of the coins are clearly shown on the both sides of the ring.

Check out the video for detailed instructions, and share if you like it!


I Already Did
I Already Did

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