Police Officers Show Up on This Girl`s Prom, But Wait to See What They Are Holding in Their Hands…

Every father`s dream is to see his daughter in her sparkling gown and take photos with her before she goes to the big night, and vice versa. Sadly, a lovely girl named Aleena wouldn’t have this opportunity, because she lost her father back in 2014. Officer  Charlie Kondak of Tarpon Springs, Florida was shot and killed during what was supposed to be a routine call, and that tragic event was devastating for his family.

When the time came for Aleena`s prom night, her mother Teresa thought of how to make her feel a little bit better on that special day. She secretly organized the officers of the Tarpon Springs Police Department to wait for Aleena when she stepped off the bus in front of the dance, and take her father`s place to escort her. Check out the video to see how Aleena reacted and what the officers brought to the dance.

I Already Did
I Already Did

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