Police Officer Spots A Child Alone By Pond, Then He Starts Running And Sees Him Face-Down In Water

Topeka Police Officer, Aaron Bulmer, was on a patrol and passing by a neighborhood park when he noticed something strange. A child was all alone in the park and he got the feeling that something was very wrong. When officer saw the boy walking toward a pond, he knew he had to act quickly!

Bulmer stopped his car and started running towards the child, and that is when he saw him face down in the water. Without any hesitation, this fine man jumped in to save the little boy’s life. Moments later he was out and on the safe ground. He was quickly taken to hospital and then released to his parents.

As Bulmer found out later, this 4 year old boy is autistic and somehow got out of the house. Mom and Dad were looking for him the entire time and were more than happy to see that he is fine. Officer Bulmer was hailed a hero after what he did and he definitely deserved it.


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