Stranger Catches Officer Lying With His Horse In The Street, Then Realize The Sad Truth

In many cities you can still see a policeman riding on his horse through the city. Most of the time, their function is mainly ceremonial, but they can also be employed in crowd control.

Riding a horse is not the same as driving a car, horses are amazing creatures and officers quickly develop relationship with their animal. They trust each other and share each other’s feelings.

Some stranger was passing by when he took a photograph that is now going viral. Near downtown Houston, the police horse named Charlotte had been spooked and tossed her rider. She then stepped into traffic and got hit by a truck.

In her final moments, Charlotte found comfort in her officer, who held her head to his chest as she passed away on the street. Charlotte had been in service for four years and all the officers loved her.

I Already Did
I Already Did

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