Barack Obama and Kim Jong Un Surprised the Unsuspecting People of Hongdae!

President Obama and North Korea’s dictator Kin Jong Un are two leaders and political figures that many of us could never imagine seeing them in the same place. But, that is just what happened in the streets of Hongdae, and to make it even better, these two have performed an impressive duet version of the popular song, “All By Myself”!

The unsuspecting people from the city of Hongdae in South Korea were completely surprised when they saw an Obama look alike who welcomed the crowd with the sounds of his acoustic guitar. Seconds later he invited a Kim Jong Un look alike, he sat besides him and together they have nailed the famous song.

What was actually going on was that everything was a wonderful marketing stunt for a Korean Online shopping Company Enuri. These two impersonators have really done a fantastic job!


I Already Did
I Already Did

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