This News Reporter Was Trying To Cover A Story, But Some Cicadas Obviously Did Not Like It! LOL

Being a TV reporter or news anchor can seem like an exiting and very interesting profession, but on the other hand it can be quite challenging. On this job, you may have to work very hard, and perform interviews on the most difficult places. Rather than that, you could find yourself in a very unpleasant situations, as you will see on this video.

A news reporter for KSNT, Katya Leick, was suppose to cover live fire drills at a military base, but while she was trying to do her work, ruthless group of cicadas started flying toward her face. She gave her best to get rid of them, but with very little success. Obviously, when bugs continued to fly around her face, she freaked out. Everything was caught on camera, and at least for us, it was just hilarious.

Do not worry Katya, they just got lost!


I Already Did
I Already Did

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