This New Lightweight Camper Will Let You Travel The Open Road in Style And Luxury!

If you love travelling across the wide open country and visiting the most beautiful natural spaces on this planet then you certainly know to appreciate the advantages of a good camper. A camper with lots of space on the inside and lightweight so you car can tow your trailer easily is what you would be looking for and this is exactly what ‘The Nest’ has to offer you.

It is a new trailer camper made from lightweight materials like fiberglass with plenty of storage for those long weekend trips to your local state park and anywhere else you would like to go. It’s stylish and has the feel of a modern apartment with lots of hardwood, stainless steel, and natural light from its multiple windows, including a skylight. It combines a sleek, infusion-molded monocoque body with a comfortable, fully featured interior.

The best part is that it will be pretty affordable with a base price of just under $30,000! Check out the video and see what else ‘The Nest’ has to offer!

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I Already Did

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