With This New Invention Now We Can Finally Get Some Sleep on The Road! BRILLIANT!

How many times have you found yourself travelling by plane, or a car and wanted to take a nap? I certainly did numerous times and not once did I rest at all. I have tried many different ways of making myself comfortable, but neither one worked for me. Well, it seems like my troubles are going to be part of the history, cause Paula Blankenship has finally found a solution for that!

Paula’s creation called the NodPod is a head hammock that recreates the way you sleep in bed, with your head at a 90-degree angle but in an upright position. This means, you won’t wake up with the pain in your neck anymore. Another advantage of this genius product is that it doesn’t cover the TV screen for the passenger behind you, if you are travelling by plane! Love it!

I Already Did
I Already Did

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