This Is Why You Should Never Ask A Girl to Go Out On A Date On National Television!

No man likes to get rejected for a date, and many guys find this humiliating, but to get turned down on a national television is probably like reaching the top on the scale of humiliation! That is exactly what happened during the episode of ‘The Graham Norton Show’ when a poor guy named Thomas decided to ask Jessica, a woman who was in the audience, to go out on a date.

According to some sources Thomas had already asked her for a date, but Jessica postponed it so she could see Kylie Minogue, who was a guest on the show. Jessica had no idea that Thomas was behind the scene, and that he is going to try one more time. But, sadly this girl did not succumb to the effect of the live show, on the contrary, she rejected him again! I have to admit that what this guy did was real bravery, but I felt sorry for him cause this was just too cold.

Nevertheless, this is something you have to check out!

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I Already Did
I Already Did

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