Nanny Sees A Speeding Car Heading Straight Towards 2 Year Old, Then Makes A Life Changing Decision

There is no parent in this world who would not love to spend every minute, 7 days a week with their child. Unfortunately, this is not possible and most of them need to hire a nanny while they go to work. Finding someone reliable and trustworthy to take care of your children is not easy at all. But, finding a person who is going to love them just as much as you do, is a gift from God.

Caroline Maurer loves kids and she has been watching them almost her entire life. When Bill Wolkoff and Courtney Davis entrusted Caroline the life of their 2 year old Fox they never could have imagined she would nearly give her life for their son…

One day, Fox and Caroline were out on a morning walk when they came to a cross road. She checked for traffic and it was clear to cross, but then out of nowhere, speeding car went through a stop sign heading right towards them. In a split second, Caroline made a life changing decision.

She pushed Fox with all of her strength out of harms way and the car crashed into her. She saved Fox`s life, but she ended up with severe injuries. Both of her hands, wrists and arms had been seriously injured from the impact and she was covered in bruises all over her body.

Check out her story, it will definitely bring you to tears. As for the parents, from that moment they consider her part of their family and are trying to raise money for her medical care. Amazing!

I Already Did
I Already Did

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