Little Girl is Diagnosed with a Rare, Life-Threatening Disease. Then a Nanny Comes up With an UNBELIEVABLE Solution

An adorable little girl called Talia Rosko was unfortunately born with the a life-threatening liver disease. Doctors gave her around two years to live, and the news came as a shock for her parents. The only way to save their daughter was to find a suitable liver donor, and there was none.

Talia was 9 months old when Kiersten Miles started watching her. After several weeks on the job, she found out about her disease. This 22 year old nanny fell in love with Talia and decided to to step in and help her. She volunteered to donate part of her liver.

The two went for a surgery and they are now both recovering after a successful transplantation. Kiersten said it was just a small sacrifice for her to save a child’ life. What an amazing woman, BRAVO! Please share this wonderful story!

I Already Did
I Already Did

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