Mother Elephant Gets Worried When She Can’t Wake Up Her Baby. What Happens Next Is Absolutely Fascinating

You know how mothers check out on their kids while they are sleeping? I remember mine used to place her hand gently on my back, just to make sure I am fine. It’s an instinct that all mothers are equipped, probably to help them be good parents. Well, it seems that elephant moms are not so different and are sometimes more alike than we can imagine…

This little guy has just arrived to this world, and he spends most of his time running and frolicking around. But, when he gets tired, baby elephant falls asleep so soundly that his mother becomes worried. No matter how much she tries, she can’t wake him up, so she had to get some help. What she does is absolutely amazing, and so touching!

I love how this Mom takes care about her baby, and it’s so wonderful to know that she trust the staff being around him. Watch the video and SHARE with your friends animal lovers.


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