Check Out Why is This The Most Terrifying Hotel in the World! OMG!

The summer is here and if you are still considering where to spend your vacation, this video might help you decide. Of course you would have to be a true adventurer and on the other hand to not be afraid of heights, or some other things. While visiting Natura Vive adventure park in Cusco, Peru, you will have the chance to spend the night in so called ‘Skylodge Adventure Suites’ which can be described as sleeping in a condor’s nest.

It sure looks incredibly scary, but if you still decide to experience how it feels, you would have to climb 1,300 ft climb up a via ferrata, or metal ladder attached to a cliff face. The other way is a hike through a zip-line trail, but than you would have to come down. Nevertheless, the moment you reach this sleeping capsule you are going to love the view on a Sacred Valley, and a dinner with wine will be waiting for you!


I Already Did
I Already Did

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