When You Live For Luxury – The Top 11 Most Luxurious Hotels Of World

Ready to live a life of champagne and caviar? Be sure to pack your designer luggage for this fun countdown of the world’s most expensive, luxurious hotels.

Most Luxurious Hotels

Cruising through the roads in your stretch Limo, slowly sipping bubbly, sparkling poison from a long stemmed glass while your vibro-massager sea does its work. Finally reaching home, going for a bubble bath in your Jacuzzi while your butler waits on you with a five course meal. Is that what comes to your mind when you think about luxury? Then, think again. Is that where you would like to limit your imagination to? Welcome to the world’s top 11 most luxurious hotel suites of the world. These suites are the perfect specimens of highest achievable technology to please and pleasure human beings.
These rooms have been used by rich globetrotters who never decide for the second best. Even on a business trip these suites will demand a little more from you than just a good night’s sleep. You will be tranced into spending more time in the bosom of luxury that you never knew existed like this in this world before.

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I Already Did
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